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freedom, the ability to make choices
teacher, one who brings forth abilities and skills from within therough education and guidance


Since designing the community-led food growing space May Project Gardens, using permaculture principles, KMT mentors young people, nurturing ideas and fueling passions through music and a connection to the environment, through a 6 month leadership programme called Hip Hop Gardens.

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Ian currently leads solution based workshop & permaculture courses at the award winning May Project Gardens.

Come we Grow

Come We Grow is an event based around identity and sustainability through music and performance. The event aims to be an inspiring, immersive fundraiser of our creative approach to natural city living.

Hip Hop Garden

Award Winning Inner City Youth programme, that reconnects young people to nature for personal, social and economic transformation via 5 Key Modules.

Bee Rooted Consultancy

Ian currently leads solution based workshop & permaculture courses. Bee Rooted has an approach to diversity and inclusion Training and Consultancy is rooted in and supported by nature.

With experience in performing shows appealing to all people on radio and stages throughout the world for 12 years, KMT is confident in motivating any sized audience in a variety of venues.

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No meat, no blood, no bones!

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